sunny sunday

The sun is shining today, and it's beautiful! 51 degrees, just a little wind, and lots of sun!
D & I did a little work outside early this afternoon. I cleaned out all my herbs, and started pulling out the rest of my flowers (the died from the frost the last couple of nights)

Oakley is getting along great with his new friend.
Yeah, I didn't name her! Pudge is the neighbor cat (have I already posted about her?) Anyway...she actually belonged to the lady that used to live in our house, she left three or four cats behind. Pudge is the only friendly on though, and you should see her and Oakley together! They get along great, infact that is why I had my camera out...I was hoping to catch them playing together, or rubbing against each other, but they stopped once I got the camera out! Go figure!

They are fun to watch though, and Pudge has been a good cat so far. She mostly stays at Elouise's house, she took her and the others in when Linda moved out.
This is what our back yard looks like now that the dirt piles are leveled out. It looks so much nicer! I can't wait to get it finished up and get some grass planted!
Should be a nice big yard for next year's campout!!!

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  1. Great pics of Pudge. She sports such seasonally festive colors, doesn't she? Talk to ya soon, my wonderful Graphic Designer Daughter.