has it really been that long since I've posted?

well, life hasn't been overly exciting...just same old regular day stuff. which, we like it that way!
friday night our friends Todd and Allison came over.
We made pizza, played "ROCK BAND" and euchre and had a great time! They are a lot of fun to hand out with, my cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing so much when they left!

Have you ever played rock band?
I hadn't!
In fact, we grew up with a Nintendo (the original...with Duck Hunt and the power pad!) Well, I've never played any other gaming, this was all new to me!
I was on guitar, as was Allison, Todd is awesome at drums, and Dustin (of all people!) was our lead singer! It was HILARIOUS!!! Of course, there are no action shots, we were all to focused on hitting the right keys! But, we had a blast!

Not much else going on this weekend....raking and burning leaves, trimming more branches off trees in the back yard, and just hanging out. Nice and relaxing weekend! And, it's in the high 60's too! Beautiful!

Have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. We don't have any game systems, but Walker loves Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Do you have Rock Band now or did your friends bring it over?

  2. our friends brought it over!

    we will probably never buy a gaming system....we would not play it enough. we hardly played Nintendo when we were growing up....usually it was something to keep us occupied (or my brother occupied) while we were home from school, sick. I usually watched a movie...Al, he liked to play Mario Bros.

  3. You will not believe that I, your Coleman Allison, was in Lima, OH this weekend!!! :) Thought of Tucker was using the potty at a gas station! LOL