December Daily Day 1

As I mentioned before, I decided to take on the December Daily project again this year!
I don't have a lot of my album done this year, like I did last, but I'm going to take a little simpler approach this year, so there isn't as much prep work!
I'm focusing on the journaling, with only one, maybe two pictures a day (and trying to keep those different from my 365 daily photos!)
Today is day one! Can you believe that it's December already?

Today I:
*Volunteered at Church for four hours this morning. The office was quiet so I helped a couple people decorate the trees in the lobby area.
*Enjoyed looking at my new tree skirt that I made yesterday, along with the decorations that have made it up so far!
*Cleaned up my room upstairs (it was a disaster since bringing down the Christmas ornaments)
*Moved an extra desk into my craft area for my sewing machine.
*sorted felted sweaters.
*Made a scarf.
*Made breadsticks to go with dinner (leftovers from last night...venison and eggplant parmasan)
*Updated blog, and edited family Christmas photos from last weekend.
*Enjoyed an evening with D, while Oakley slept at my feet, with the Christmas tree lights on and the sound of Oakley breathing.
Peace and quiet. We love that around here.

Have yourself a wonderful evening.


  1. Wonderful! I love that tree skirt! It's made of neckties, right? So very clever.

    Love that you're keeping the Dec Daily nice & simple. It's the only way to go this time of year!

  2. Oh I love how your tree skirt turned is so you :) Good luck with your December album!