December Daily Day 2

Well, I haven't uploaded my photos yet today...but I will!

Today I:

*Met with a very nice couple, Norm and Gladys, at 10 this morning. My mailman called me a couple days ago and asked if I would be interested in cleaning and cooking one day a week for his grandparents (Norm and Gladys). I'm really very excited about this opportunity. I met with them today, and they are wonderful people. They are 93 & 95, and just need some help. I will clean for 3 hours, and cook for 1, once a week. I'm working on some menu choices for them right now. They will choose one of the options for the following week, I will get the groceries for them and cook while I'm there.
The house needs some good deep cleaning to start with, but after I get that cleaned up it won't be hard to maintain.
*I stopped in to Hobby Lobby to kill about an hour of time. I found a couple goodies. One being a couple Christmas wreaths. I'm decorating one for our front door, and another for the front of D's truck. He's been wanting a wreath for his truck for the last couple, I finally got one for him, and it will be part of his birthday gift (Friday is his Birthday!)
*At noon I met with my friend Donna at a wonderful Mexican restaurant for lunch. I fill in for her at EJ once in a while, so we never really get a chance to visit...that is what today was for, and it was wonderful! We had a great time.
*I checked out a new Thrift Store down the road from the Mexican Restaurant. I wasn't really all that impressed...I was hoping for another option since all we really have in one GoodWill around here...and even that's not great. Oh well.
*I stopped in to the scrapbook store. They are hiring. I was all but offered the job right then and there, for a number of reasons, which all made be feel very good!
I have decided (after talking to D about it) that it's not the right place for me right now. I'm not ready to work retail again, and I have EJ (which my hours will hopefully pick up some) and now working for Norm and Gladys, which I'm excited about.
So, no more retail for me right now.
*Hopped on over to TJMaxx, didn't get anything, but it's fun to look a little.
*Stopped at Kohls and got the rest of D's Birthday gift.
*Stopped at Ray's for a few groceries...just a couple things to make tacos for dinner, D's request.
*Got everything hid and put away before D got home tonight, made dinner, and now we're going to work on a couple projects. D's cleaning his gun, and I'm going to cut up some wool for a project that I hope to share with you later in the week!

note: yep, Jess...I made my tree skirt out of neck ties...and thanks to so many of my friends, my collection grew quickly! If this skirt could talk, I'm sure it would have hundreds of stories to tell! I just LOVE it, more and more each day !!! Thank you all for donating so many wonderful ties for this project!


  1. What a great day! How exciting that you have new clients. All you need is a start to get the ball rolling. Thanks for sharing your day with us.

  2. Sounds like a great new job for you Hannah May! Tell D happy birthday for me tomorrow!

  3. That job sounds like such a perfect fit for you! (And I live that you chat with your mailman, I miss that about living in a small town).

    Great job with the Dec Daily, hopefully I'll get some of mine uploaded soon, too. :)