December Daily Day 5

today was a day of shopping.

I think we actually have most all our shopping done for Christmas!

*We left the house at 8:40 this morning and headed over to the Apollo Career Center, they were having a craft show! It was packed! D actually went with me too...which was nice, I think I would have gotten lost had it not been for him, the place was huge, and really spread out...I didn't leave with anything, I was actually pretty disappointed, there was a lot of junk, in my opinion.
*Next we headed over to the other side of town where all the shopping happens...we made our rounds, but first stopped at Panera Bread for a bagel.
*Home around 3:00, had a little snack and then I took a nap. A three hour nap. what's up with that? It was awesome though, let me tell you...I was out like a light!
*Up from my nap just in time to turn on the Christmas lights, warm up some pizza for dinner and make a breakfast casserole for the morning.
*D had to run to Walmart for a part for the toilet. The fill valve broke...can't have that...even if we do have two bathrooms!

I carried my camera around with me all day and never took a single photo. Oh well.


  1. I took a three hour nap today too! Don't know why but it felt oh soooo good!. Enjoy..;p

  2. Wow! I am so impressed that D went with you to the craft show. I love Panera Bread. Go carbs!