December Daily Day 8

What a WONDERFUL day!

I just can't express how wonderful of a day I've had today!
I volunteered at the church this morning, and wore my purple and green flower scarf, from my website...and had so many compliments! They loved it! It made me feel so good to hear the compliments!
I ran to Good Will afterward because I had about an hour to kill...I found 9 wonderful new sweaters to felt! Not a single black or grey, which is very exciting!!! It was so fun to find some new colors!!!
Back to church at 1:30 for an afternoon Tea! The staff put on a beautiful tea party for the volunteers at the church! It was lovely! We had cute little appetizers, chicken salad on crossiants, cheeses, scones with cream, chocolates, cream puffs...and of course tea! It was delightful!
They also gave us all a tea cup tree ornament! I just love it! It's already on the tree!
After the tea party, Kathy, one of the women in the office asked to see some of my scarves (she had been admiring mine earlier in the day!) I just happened to have the whole stash in the truck with me! So, I brought them all in, and I sold four of them....right there on the spot!!! How fun! It was so fun to watch them look over each scarf! I was slightly embarassed though...I missed a few threads on a couple of the scarves when I was finishing them up! Oops...they didn't seem to care though!

I came home, all excited about the scarves that I forgot about making dinner...poor D. I made a quick batch of English Muffin Bread so we could have grilled cheese...and then I burned his sammy! I'm so thankful that he loves me even on days like this! ;) He's pretty forgiving!

Right now...sweaters are being felted so I can start making some more scarves tomorrow! And, probably a few other things as well!

Have a great night!


  1. I am so excited for you. Felt on....

  2. I tried leaving a comment lastnight but I kept getting an error..stupid internet

    anyway...I am so excited for you that you sold so many scarfs....that is WONDERFUL!! I hope that you continue to have success with your new adventure.
    Love you,

  3. Great day! Let me know when you have some colored scarves done! Miss you!