downtown lima

I've been wanting to go downtown since we moved here. Yes, we've driven thru downtown a number of times, but you can never really see what is around unless you walk the streets. Now, moving here from Traverse City (one of the most lovely little downtown cities there ever was), I was prepared to be somewhat disappointed in what Lima had to offer. I was. Seriously, we only saw like six other people in the five or six blocks that we walked. And, we only walked that far because there wasn't anything else to see!
Nonetheless, we enjoyed our walk, as did Oakley. The fresh air was wonderful, and so was the little bit of snow! We enjoyed it all. We didn't walk into a single shop, but none were that appealing. I admit, the quietness of the town was really nice, since one of my least favorite things is bumping shoulders with people because it's so crowed and congested!
The town center had nice Christmas tree, and you can see from the picture how bustling the streets were! Crazy! I remember going downtown in TC last year, and it was crazy busy...everyone was out walking, shopping, visiting, having coffee, walking their dogs, and just "being out". Oakley was the only pooch in sight!
I feel like I have been complaining, and I don't want it to sound that way! We love our new home. It's so much different from our last home, but we love it just the same.
We had a great afternoon together.
After our little downtown adventure we headed over to the other side of town to pick up a few things. I needed one little thing to finish up a homemade Christmas gift. D needed some batteries, and wanted to spend a gift card he had burning a hole in his pocket (from Mom and Dad for Lowes!) And, we needed something to wrap all the caramels in! The third batch finally turned out! After two batches that turned into ice cream topping because they were so soft, it was nice to have a batch finally become candies!
We also went and picked up our "half a hog". We ordered it a couple weeks ago from a lady D works with. It was ready to pick up today. Sausage, bacon, ham, chops, roast...YUM!
Nothing better than knowing exactly where your food comes from and supporting local farmers, and friends.

Hope you enjoyed your day as much as we enjoyed ours!


  1. Another busy day for you. So glad the caramels turned out. Maybe I'll get ours made tomorrow...

  2. Oh, I am making caramels tonight for a cookie exchange on Tuesday. I love them and love making them, but you can sure spend a long time making them.

    Your town looks cute from the pictures you took. I just love TC this time of year. I always end up doing my little bit of holiday shopping there. It's so festive and I love supporting the local businesses.