i LOVE home!

Home is where your HEART is.
I love our home, and it is so nice to be back. I love "home" in Coleman, and "home" in West Branch, but there is something nice about being back in your own home, with your own things, and your own lifestyle.
We pretty much traveled the entire state of Michigan last week! From West Branch, to Coleman, to Grand Rapids, and then Hillsdale, then back to Ohio. We enjoyed every stop, and all of our visits, and holiday celebrations were wonderful! We had an amazing Christmas this year, and were spoiled, again.
Our list of people we wanted to see kept growing and growing...as it usually does when we go "home". And, we didn't make it to even see half of our friends and family. I apologize if we didn't get out to see you. We have great intentions when we leave, and then things get busy and we get tired!
I'm very excited that we had the chance to catch up with a few of you though! And, it was great to see you!

Gone an entire a week and I didn't take a single picture! Can you believe it?
So much for finishing up my 365 album with lots of photos! Or even completing my December daily! Ha!.
I'm planning on ordering the last of my photos to complete the 365 book though....there will be a few blank spots in the past couple months...but, I'm finishing it nonetheless, and I can't wait to be done with it!
I have a couple ideas for new projects for 2010....what are you doing? Any great ideas?

I know this is a quick post, but I'm enjoying the internet break right now...and, I'm off to play with some other projects!
Enjoy your night. Be safe!

HAPPY 2010!


  1. So glad your holidays were filled with so much love and fun!! BTW-- Did I ever tell you I graduated from Hillsdale College?? I love it when someone else actually knows where it is!!

    May your new year be filled with much love, joy and many blessings!!

  2. Hannah,

    I saw your comment on my blog about the Rye Bagels and was checking out your blogs. I came across the one for the Clarke family get together in Michigan and got curious. I'd heard that a three or four generations back 2 Clarke daughters married 2 Lewis brothers. I'm married into the Lewis family and they do something similar each summer in Michigan. Then I read this post about Coleman and that's where the Lewises are from! What fun to find distant connections. I enjoyed checking out all your art.