i love thrifting!

I found this great new comforter! Perfect colors, King size, two shams...LOVE it! $9.99 Love it even more! And, look how stinkin' cute the rose pillow is on it! I just LOVE the new look!
Ramekins! We got Renee a set of ramekins for Christmas last year, and ever since I've wanted a set of my own! These are PERFECT! I love the colors, the size, the style! I found six of them, $2.00 , can't say no to that! We made mac and cheese tonight, and they worked great!
And...one of my favorite finds of all...canisters for my flour and sugar! I found two sets of canisters, they were broken sets...each set had two canisters. One flour and one coffee. But, I bought both sets. I don't care if my flour and sugar both say flour, and one of them the writing is nearly off anyway. They are very close in looks...just slightly different!
I've got them all cleaned up and the two flour canisters are on the counter holding flour and sugar! Goodbye Schwan's ice cream buckets...you've been wonderful containers for the last three years, but it's time for this thrifter to move up in the world! ;)


  1. Good to know I'm not the only one who enjoys thrifting. :) Baby clothes are a STEAL at Goodwill, not to mention all the great second hand furniture we've gotten!

  2. Score!!!! Don't you just love it??