Proud Daughter

Mom has been SO busy the past few months since her return from Israel. She has been working on self-publishing her first book! Her study journal from her trip! It is AMAZING! I've been blessed to be a little part of her publishing journey, helping with little things here and there! So much of her heart and soul are in this project, and you can tell! It's is simply amazing!
She has her own blog now: Colleen Pope
You can go there and see a few close ups of some of her pages, and read a little about her project!

Like I said, I'm a very proud daughter, and I'm so excited for her! I hope she can go back to Israel again soon and live her dream!


  1. Hannah,
    I too, am very proud of your Mom. My heart felt so full when I read her blog this morning. I wanted to wait and read when I had more time to enjoy! She is such an important person in my life and I have been so blessed. Through her words, drawings and descriptions I felt like I could be there and really feel the power of God's hand in her journey. She has helped me with my study so much that I cannot stretch my arms big enough to express the impact.

    Big hugs and best wishes to you, Hannah on your new business. I have really enjoyed seeing all the photos and hearing more about your life. You are so special, just like your Mom. I hope you have a joyous Christmas season.

    Blessings and Love,

  2. Thank trying to make me tear up?(it worked). I am the one blessed. Over and over and over again. You have been and are a much bigger part of this than you might realize...
    Also, I love the Scriptures you have been posting. Very nice.