30 minute project

Remember that sewing box that I posted about yesterday? Well, I really had no intentions of doing any thing with the box, I just wanted what was inside of it (all that thread!!)
But, D looked at it and said...the box isn't that bad, what are you going to do with that? So, that got me thinking....It really was in pretty good shape...I just didn't like the top of it...the blue was okay, but the fabric on top...not my style...So...

I took about 30 minutes out of my morning and came up with this:

I just LOVE it now! It was so easy, and fun to do! Instant gratification, I love those projects!
I have a stash of scrap fabrics (this one came from Mom, and some vintage lace that I have collected, and that's all it took, along with some pins and hot glue!

I just pinned the fabric in place, about 1 pin every quart inch or so, and then hot glued the flowers and rings on!
I can't tell you how much I'm loving this right now!

I think it will make a perfect "cash box" for future craft shows! (what do you think, Deb?)

What did you do today?


  1. i wondered where that fabric might show up. You did it again, hannah. it's great. love the special matching touch on the inside, too.

    what did i do today? 1)slept in and didn't get revelation studied, ugg. 2)sent out 6 journals, yay. 3)transcribed 4) homemade mac & cheese, yum.

    love you,