Thrifty Tuesday :: 01.19

My first, of hopefully many, "thrifty" posts!

Look what I found today....
a few vintage sewing patterns that I plan to use as tissue paper for packing store sales!
and, a new wire basket (one of three I found today!)

a sewing basket FULL of thread and pins and needles, a couple thimbles and buttons too!
Many of the threads are even on old wooden spools, which makes them extra special in my book!
another pitcher to add to my growing collection! I have a fun kitchen project that I hope to do soon, and it will give me a great place for this collection!


  1. Love wire baskets!!!

  2. wow,you are having way too much fun without me

  3. I follow your blogs like candy to a 5 year old - always jealous and in awe of the things you make and find... keep posting your thrifty finds!