Thrifty Tuesday :: 01.26 + Travels

Isn't this just the most fun sight? I love getting mail like this! I bartered all of these goodies for some handmade cards! I can't wait to give my try at Needle Punching! I'm considering this my Thrifty Tuesday find, since it came in the mail on Tuesday, and I didn't pay a dime for it! Just bartered, which I LOVE to do!
Today I've been busy working on Pretty Stinkin' Scarves, and Pretty Stinkin' Pins! I've added a few more to our store, and Deb has added some fun new things too! Please go check them out!
I have scarf to mail out tomorrow, it's all packaged and ready to go! Cute packaging huh!
It's a blizzard out there! Cold and Windy! YUCK! I've got the car all packed up for our trip to Michigan!! We leave as soon as D gets home from work, and I can't wait! Lots of fun things planned for both of us this weekend!

Have a safe and happy weekend!



  1. Hey, I'll barter with you!! Fun mail day.

  2. I'd love to barter with you too, theory. Reality says, "you can just have whatever it is you want."