lots of fun snow

I'm not really sure how much snow we got here...
The wind was blowing SO much that we have drifts EVERYWHERE!
Our driveway was drifted so much we couldn't get out! In fact, the drift was taller than the hood of the car, and about 40ft down the driveway!
I just love snow...have I mentioned that before!
Now, the wind....I'm not a big fan of the wind. It sure does make it hard to enjoy winter with that bitter cold wind. But, what do you do when you live in the middle of farm land?! (I admit I am thankful for the breeze in the summer...keeps those nasty flies away!)

I just love the second photo of D. That is our back door, the one we always use to let Oakley outside! Um, he's not going out that door for a while! The drift was to the top of the door, crazy!
Guess it will be well insulated for a couple days!

So, we didn't go anywhere today. Infact, we were legally obligated to stay home. There was a level 2 road warning in our county. No going anywhere unless it was a MUST.
Well, we had a pot of beef, veggie soup that we could warm up for dinner, and some home made zucchini cornmeal bread. We have power. Warm quilts, hot cocoa...and didn't need to go anywhere! A perfect Saturday. Locked inside, snowed in.....

I even had a nice nap today!

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  1. Oh MY! As a thin-blooded Floridian that would TERRIFY me! I'm glad you ended up having a good day, tho. :)