Michigan Hillbilly is back...

Yesterday I ::

*worked at church until noon
*went to sam's club, rays supermarket, and ...
*Barry Farm Foods ... a new place i found that i'm quite excited about, and it's only 8 miles away
*started two jars of sprouts...one alfalfa, one mung bean
*made two quart jars of yogurt
*made one quart of ricotta cheese
*froze the whey for smoothies
*and spent way too much time on the computer...

but, I would consider this a somewhat rewarding day....

Today I ::

*am turning my yogurt into cream cheese
*using the ricotta to make lasagna...the sauce is cooking on the stove right now
*have a doc. appt.
*clean for Norm and Gladys from noon to 4

it's going to be a good day!


  1. Very productive, indeed. And I know you. You always make it a good day.

  2. Girl, you amaze me. Running your business, which is everywhere, taking beautiful photos, cooking tasty food AND helping at other people's houses. You rock. :)