Thrifty Tuesday :: 03.02

Lots of fun finds today!
I visited a new thrift store...or, new to me I should say!

and i found these:

I'm collecting the wooden hangers to use in our craft shows this summer. The lace is going to be used on some cards, and the vintage linen....well, I love it...and I might just have a plan for it too!
Next, I headed over to my favorite spot!
Look at my treasures:
These are for me to wear! I found two nice sweaters that button up, and a fun 3/4 length t-shirt.
for the pearls and lace, of course! I think I'll end up frogging the sweater's not wool, but it's super soft, and i think i would like to crochet a nice scarf from the yarn! But, that sweater is covered in pearls that I know I can use somewhere!
CASHMERE! Just because it's cashmere! I love the browns too! I'm saving up some cashmere to make a blanket!

And, some fun wool...because you can never have too much wool! :)

Hope you had a great Tuesday! Did you thrift today?


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