2010 garden : the Michigan Hillbilly is back!

I mowed the lawn this morning, and transplanted 4 rose bushes, and moved a whole row of irises to help cover up our propane tank.

Even with a little one on the way, I'm still planning a garden this year...and a big one!
Remember me telling you that Elouise offered me part of their extra lot to use as a garden this year? Well, here it is!
It's HUGE!
It's about 60'x40'

This photos looks to the East, my plot will end at the brush pile on the left, where you see the tilled up land make an "L" shape. (does that make sense?)
And, this photo looks to the West. That little house across the road is empty. A family uses it during hunting season, and that's about it...
Paul just tilled it all up for me, and worked in a big load of manure, my seeds are going to be so happy! My biggest prayer this season is that we get a decent amount of rain...I have no way, other than carrying lots of buckets, to get water to the garden.

I've been working on plans for my garden all winter, but at the time I didn't really know how much space I was going to have to use...so, I finished up my plans today!
Elouise wants to help "guide" me in planting my first year, since this really is my first garden...and although I could probably handle it just fine on my own, I'm grateful for her guidance, and generosity! I'm happy to let her tell me what to do!
She said that we will probably be able to plant Friday, as long as the ground is dry enough, and it should be! So if everything works out...this is what I'll be doing tomorrow:

How fun, huh!
I can't wait to watch it grow!
I won't be planting my tomato plants quite yet...Paul has some seed starts that I will use, and I will buy a few plants as well, but I have everything else ready to go!

Yay, gardens!

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