Is anyone still out there?

I know, I know...it's been almost a month since I've been around this place!
Shame on me!

But, I've had a nice blogging break, and it's been good for me! Some times one just needs a break from the cyber world!


Lots of things going on around here!
The grass is starting to grow in the back yard! It's going to be so much nicer than having a big hole back there like we did last year!
It's been near 80 degrees the past few days and the flowers are out and the trees are pushing out their leaves!
I've planted some seeds in pots to get my garden started! Mostly herbs so far, but my neighbor went down to till the garden today...so, that means we'll be planting soon! They've given me a portion of their garden to plant as I please this year and I can hardly wait!

Pudge has been out to play with Oakley....he missed his kitty friend over the winter, but they are back to being good friends!
The birds are busy building nests and the chipmunks have been running all around the yard and in and out of the wood piles.

We're all out side again, which means I'm having daily chats with Elouise again...I've missed those!

I did some spring cleaning today! Washed some walls, and the ceiling fans (way overdue!), and re-arranged the living room furniture so we can open the sun room up soon (just need to set of a bug bomb first to get rid of those spring bugs!)

The grill is back in business, too! We use it some during the winter, but nearly every night in the summer! We grilled steaks Monday night, and pork chops tonight! (Pork Chops, Rice pilaf, and sweet corn).

We enjoyed some family time with both of our families over the Eater weekend!
I went to a Good Friday service with Robin on Friday, and we had a wonderful dinner with both Doug and Robin Friday night.
Saturday we spent the day at Al and Renee's new home (yay, they are homeowners now!) and helped them work on a couple things here and there! There place is beautiful!
Mom put together a delicious brunch on Sunday after church! Grandpa came and joined us, too!

I came home so happy, and thankful to have spent so much time with most of my family!

We are blessed!


  1. I'm glad that you enjoyed your bloggy break but I'm super glad that you are back :) I've pretty much done the same thing, except it's been over a month since I last posted...oops. Guess I'll update one of these days. Glad you had such a wonderful Easter weekend. Mom said you were at the church breakfast...sorry I missed you :( Can't wait to see you...hopefully sooner rather than later!
    Love you sis,

  2. Imagine my surprise when I opened the church friendship folder and saw your name! We sat in the same row, just at different services! I was lucky enough to sit behind Jenn (above) and her beautiful girls. (and handsome boy!) Glad you're enjoying the spring and blogging again.