my garden is huge!

so, my sweet, awesome husband helped me mark the rows in my garden tonight!
I have 10, 90 foot rows!
yes, that's right! 90 foot!
D paced off the garden tonight, and we were a little off in out estimate...not 60x40....90x60!
Awesome, huh!

So, tonight we planted a row of yellow onions, and a row of red potatoes. (33 potato plants to be exact!) I hope at least half of them grow!

It's suppose to rain this weekend, and I was hoping that I'd get more planted before the rain, but oh well ~ I still have lots of time to get things in.
Have great weekend! We're off to go meet Audrey Lynn!


  1. You are amazing, Girl! Love that you love it! Hope you do come August- that's usually when the effort of eating all that great produce pays off- but get wearying also. Have fuN!

  2. Miss Hannah, I know you are a whiz in the kitchen and love to can...but what are you going to do with that big of a garden and that much produce???? :) Have fun with it. And the further along you get in your pregnancy...the more Dustin will have to do the weeding. :)