signs of spring

I planted the rhubarb last spring, so I still have to wait another couple years before I can enjoy it. Thankfully Mom has plenty to share! I enjoy watching it grow though!


Do you see it? Our back yard is actually starting to look a little green! Soon our time on the lawn mower will triple! It will be so nice to have grass though!

I planted the chives last summer too, and they came back wonderfully! We've already enjoyed them in potato salad, and on baked potatoes! I've thought about filling this entire flower bed with chives, I know it wouldn't take long to fill, and it would be nice and green all summer...just a thought. I haven't really decided what to do just yet!


The lilacs are in full bloom right now! Last year the tree was trimmed so we didn't have more than a half dozen blooms, but this year, the tree is beautiful! I love lilacs! The smell, the color, the memories! Lilacs remind me of Grandma C. And, that is a great memory!


  1. Glad to see I'm not the only one who occasionally needs an Internet break... It started in my first trimester (I couldn't STAND the heat from my laptop) and I can't quite get back in the swing!

    Anyway, I'm jealous as usual of your beautiful greenery- especially the lilacs! They're a favorite of mine, too. :)

  2. Do we have the same yard? LOL. Chives, lilacs and a baby rhubarb that will one day grow up to give me great joy. A mother couldn't be prouder . . . .