happy to be 30

thank you all so much for your wonderfully sweet birthday messages, cards and gifts!
I just LOVE getting mail, so those cards were super special!

in case you didn't know.....last wednesday was my 30th birthday!
I love it! I love being 30...and I loved being 29!
I did not have a hard time with this birthday like so many said that I would....in a way, it was just another day. Not that it wasn't special....it was very special. But, it was quiet, peaceful, and just like almost any other day...and I loved that!
It was perfect!

I had lunch with a friend, and D had a friend over for dinner...we relaxed, walked down to the garden, and had a quiet evening.

Mom and Dad came over on Thursay! That was awesome! They hadn't been down here in a while, so it was wonderful to have their company!
We hit a few garage sales on Friday too!

We spent the rest of the weekend in Hillsdale with Grandpa and Grandma! We went to a couple flea markets and sales, and spent part of Saturday at the lake with Aunt Bev and Steve! We had such a wonderful day!

I'm so thankful for such a peaceful, simple life.
SO thankful!


The garden is really growing!
I took these when I stopped by this afternoon after "junking" or garage sale-ing
My corn and beans look good...and my potatoes are going crazy...the tomatoes are looking nice too, and starting to get a few blossoms, I have quite a few sweet pepper plants too, and two kinds of winter squash (buttercup, and hopi pale grey), zucchini and yellow squash, and cucumbers...onions, cabbage, beets, radishes, swiss chard...every thing is growing and looking healthy! I haven't totally failed...yet! lol.

I can't wait to tell you about my "junking" finds today....I'll save that for later though!

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  1. You amaze me girl! All that you do and you still find it quiet & peaceful! Glad you have recorded that on your blog- cause it will just be a matter of months and quiet and peaceful will begin to look so different! It's a wonderful adventure you are on!