swiss chard

Last night, D and I went down to the garden and picked the Swiss Chard. I couldn't believe how much was ready to be picked!
Now...what do I do with it? I gave half to Elouise, but I still have LOTS!
I've been searching and saving recipes to play with, knowing that I would want to try some new things...
A couple weeks ago I thinned out my Swiss Chard, and I made this:: PIZZA
It was awesome. We both loved it, even reheated the next day, it was still great!

But, I need something new to try with this heaping bunch of chard:

maybe THIS, these muffins look yummy....
THIS sounds delicious...maybe on a cooler day, like today!

but I think THIS is what I'm going to make tonight...with some grilled chicken breasts! oh wait....maybe it will be THIS....who knows! I'm looking forward to trying some of these out though!

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  1. What does Swiss Chard taste like? Wondering if I should try some of these recipes... :)