I canned beets today.
9 quarts.
This is my first time canning beets, they aren't a common menu item for us, but we do like them. Last year Grandma and Grandpa sent some home with us from their garden, and we tried them for the first time, and enjoyed them.
So, this year...since I had plenty of garden space, I planted some of our own!
I picked just over half the row today and canned 9 quarts.
I think I'll make a few pints of pickled beets too, later.


D has strep throat.
Not fun.

So, other than working in the garden and canning...not much is going on this weekend.
Not to mention it's H.O.T. and no one wants to be outside, unless they are in the water!
(which I was, before 8:00 this morning! I took a dip after working in the garden!)

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