Bethel's Goulash

I've been busy again today.
Oakley and I went for a nice walk this morning...the morning's have finally been a little cooler, which has been SO nice. After our walk, I went down to the garden to pick some corn.
Bethel (Paul's brother) was down there checking on his corn. I've been getting to know him a little this summer, he's always coming over to say hello if he sees me working.
Bethel has the cows...remember from last year? The cows that come and visit with me while I'm working in the garden. Anyway...he's full of great garden advice! It must run in the family...he and Paul both have so much knowledge, and they are always willing to share! I love that! I can use all the advice they have to offer!
I got a tour of Bethel's garden today...the one on his property...he also has a garden next to mine ...that is pretty much just his overflow garden though (corn, potatoes, beans), but today I got to see his main garden! You should see his tomato plants! They are huge! And, he has cabbage that probably weigh 15 pounds! He invited me over to take a look at his tomato cages that he built. They look simple enough to construct, I'd like to have some for my tomatoes next year...
He sent me home with some okra, and egg plant, and an offer to pick as much of his sweet corn as I I did!
I picked about 4 dozen ears from my garden, and another 4 dozen from Bethel's. He said it needed to be picked or it would go to waste, so help myself! I love my neighbors, have I mentioned that before? They are so generous. I sometimes feel like I just take and take and take from them, and I don't know what to offer in return....I'll have to think of something. I'm so blessed to have them in my life!

So, Bethel's favorite way to eat okra is in Goulash.
The only way I've had goulash is with tomatoes and pasta and ground beef.
But, Bethel's recipe is as follows.

1 pound of ground beef
corn (4-5 ears)

and, whatever else you have in the garden that sounds good.

Cook up the meat, add the rest and cook for about 30 minutes or so!

That's the recipe! Straight from Bethel's, that's what we're having for dinner tonight!
Everything in the photo above is going in the pot!

I'll let you know how it turns out!

Love, Hannah

**note: the goulash was wonderful! we'll make it again for sure!

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