busy busy!

I've been SO busy lately!
The garden is going crazy and I'm loving it!

I picked enough peas to shell for a meal last week (and we took them north with us to share with the family...they were wonderful with a little lemon peel and some butter...mmmm)

I also picked enough green beans to can 10 pints of dilly beans, and also have a nice amount to take north with us for dinner!
That, along with some zucchini and summer squash and we were all set with veggies for the holiday weekend!

When we got home though.......the garden had grown, and I knew it would ...I picked everything that I could before we left, but I still came home to...

a heaping 5 gallon bucket of beans, some beets that needed thinning, cucumbers, and a few onions that I picked just because...I also had a large amount of zucchini that I forgot to take pictures of...but really, how many pictures of zucchini's do I really need!
Most of them grew much larger than what we like to eat, but I'll shred them up for the freezer!

Yesterday I canned the cucumbers into some nice spicy pickles... 7 quarts worth.
Tonight I'm working on canning the green beans... I'll end up with 27 pints when I'm all done.
We also went down to the garden tonight to pick the zucchini and summer squash that were ready, and I probably have about a dozen squash all together, and we dug up some potatoes to have with our dinner tonight...they were awesome!

I'm so thankful for a plentiful garden!


  1. Awesome! A 5 gallon bucket of beans???

  2. Hannah, I do Dilly Beans and also have a version that I do for my family that include a head of garlic and 1 hot chili pepper. They are really yummy and also really good in bloody mary's :)