in the garden today

Oakley and I went to the garden first thing this morning. He's been going with me lately because there really isn't much he can hurt anymore...most of my garden is done, except the tomatoes, peppers, and I have some more green beans I can pick.

This morning I picked all the ripe, or nearly ripe tomatoes, some green peppers and banana peppers, lots of cherry tomatoes, and some of my dill seed.
Bethel stopped by to cut down some corn for his cows while I was picking my tomatoes.
He took me over to his garden and picked me some sweet corn! I'm pretty excited about that, since I was planning on having BLT's for dinner...sweet corn will be perfect to have with that!
Oakley got to meet the cows!
He was scared more than anything, but he did try and chase them a was pretty fun to watch him!
Just before I left the garden, Bethel stopped back by and brought be a couple big handfuls of peaches. He's been picking the ones that fall off the tree every morning, and he brought them over to share! They have just a couple bad spots in them (which is why they fell off the tree) but, I don't care one bit about that! I LOVE peaches!
So, when I got home I cut them up and had a nice bowl full for my breakfast....and yes, still have some to share with D later!

I think I will wait to can my tomatoes tomorrow...the could ripen just a bit more. So, today I think I will do something crafty! I have a couple special orders from Pretty Stinkin' Green that I need to get done!

Happy Monday!

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  1. Hannah&Dustin - The new shelves look way cool!! Great job guys! I see Oakley was enjoying the sunflowers! We miss you! Mom and Dad H