weekday project :: update

The dresser is a work in progress!
The last couple days I worked on peeling the drawer liner out of the bottom of every drawer, and got the whole thing sanded down...This morning I started painting!
I've got the first coat on in these photos.
I just love the way that it's starting to look!
See my little helper back there?
Both of them are actually helping me today! Oakley and Pudge the Cat!
They've been following me around from drawer to dresser to sofa table and watching me work. They're great company!

note: The sofa table has been around for over a year and we've actually been using it they way we bought it (from a craft show with no paint or stain, just raw wood). The plan from the beginning was to paint it black, but you know how things go, you put it somewhere and it works, and you just use it for a while, and that turns in to a year...or longer!
So, anyway...the black paint was out, my brush was wet with paint...so, it's being painted today!
note 2: my projects are NOT perfect! I just want to make that statement because if you know my dad, or D, or D's dad...you'll know how great of job they will do with projects like this. They take lots of time and make sure everything is perfect, every thing is sanded down just so, and painted just right.....well, I'm not them! Haha! I just don't care! I want it painted, and it's going to look great with it's flaws! Especially since it will be distressed anyway....so, why bother making it perfect, right?! Anyway, I just wanted to make that clear ... *smile*

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  1. Oh, that looks great! I know what you mean about the Men With High Standards. My family has those, too. In fact, I have the high standards, mixed with a healthy dose of lazy: which is why I never even start projects like that. Ugh! Doing it the insanely detailed way takes too much time! :)

    So you get big credit points in my book, perfectly sanded or no. ;)