weekend project :: pantry

This project has been on our list all summer, and it finally became a "need to do" project, rather than just a "want to do" project! Lucky for me!
This is the before:That book shelf has been around for a long time, and has held so many different things! It's finally going to be moved to actually hold book though!
Over the past year it's been holding my canned pantry items. Mostly things I've canned myself, and a few cook books when I have the extra room.
I've had so much more to can this year than I did last though that my shelves were over flowing!
See that space that D is working on in the corner?
There is a little cubby hole in the dinning room that is about 25"wide x 18" deep. It's not good for much of anything by itself, and I've been wanting to add shelves to it since we moved in...so, that's just what we did!
The after:
I am so excited with how it turned out!
I love having my canned goods exposed so I can see them every day...maybe that's weird, but it's so much work, and I enjoy being able to see what I've done!
I still have room for my cook books on the top shelf, and in a crate on the floor...and the top shelf has enough room to hold my collection of 2 quart blue canning jars.
I've got quite a collection of blue jars going...I just love them!

Now, I need to fill the big empty space on the wall where that book shelf was!
I know exactly what I want to put there....the hunt begins!

Thanks D, for getting this project done, you are wonderful!



  1. It is just beautiful. I would want to see all that hard work too.

  2. I am so jealous! Wish I had a little space like that instead of the little closet pantry I have.