16 weeks

16 weeks
  • D and I had our 16 week appointment this morning, he went along with me before heading into work. It was a quick appointment, and things went really well. We still have TWO strong heart beats! One is in the 150's and the other in the 160's. Good News!
  • We scheduled our 20 week appointment, which will be in Dayton. We are going to see a high risk specialist for that appointment.
  • I'm feeling better. Not as sick. I've had heartburn though, and am not sleeping well at night. The doctor gave me a prescription for Ambien today, and I will be using that tonight!
  • I've been working on our baby registry. We've decided to use Amazon.com and Babies R Us. I'm thankful for the great variety on Amazon! You can actually find some nice things that are twin specific!
  • We are going to use cloth diapers. This has been the plan all along, and I'm still encouraged to give it a shot. I have all the fabric for the diapers, and I've scheduled a "work day" with my mom and a couple friends for later this month! We're hoping to at least get a really good start on them! I've also been doing more research on what I can and can't use with cloth diapers (ie: diaper creams, laundry soap) and have found some wonderful, natural products on Amazon, that I've also added to my registry!
  • I'm still actually down about 3 pounds in weight since my first appointment at 6 weeks. The doctors are not concerned, and neither am I!
  • Dustin took me shopping last weekend for a couple new outfits...I'm getting to a "frumpy" stage where my clothes are all too small, but maternity clothes are still a little too big.
  • Quite a few people have asked me how we are decorating the nursery, and what style or theme am I going to go with...I will be posting more on that later ...maybe next week!
  • Now, I'm going to go rest my eyes.
Love, Hannah

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  1. So glad all is going well!!! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!! Blessings and hugs!!!