Awesome Deal!

Isn't this carrot and grape bunch the cutest! I think they are!
I love the wooden rattles, and toys, and these cute organic stuffed animals!
Now, I'm not trying to do everything organic or anything...but, just loved how these looked, they aren't like so many of the toys that are out there.
I just ordered the carrot, grapes, broccoli, and tomato from Wild Dill. They have a great website with lots of stuff I really like, but it's expensive. These little fruits and veggies are about $7 each.
I just found this great website: EverSave
and I signed up to get a $35 gift card for only $12 (which can also be used towards the shipping!)
Well, I found a couple coupon codes too, which brought the gift card down to $5!
So, I've got $35 worth of great organic toys on the way to me for only $5, and that included the shipping! I can't wait to get them in the mail!
If you click on this link HERE you can sign up for emails from EverSave. Make sure you use that link too! IF you do, I get a $20 credit the first time to take advantage of one of their deals!
The Wild Dill deal that I got expires today, but if you want more instructions for the coupon codes and such, just leave a comment and I'll email them to you!

I'm pretty excited, and can't wait to see what other deals they will have, especially with Christmas coming!

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