babies :: designing the room

Our twins will share a nursery, and a bedroom for that matter, as long as we live in this house. The room is not large, about 8'x13' with a window on the north wall, and the door on the south wall. It is tiled (white/cream 12" tiles), and painted a nice neutral cream color.
Those are the basics.
Now, what am I (we) planning to do with this space that we have?
Well, here are some rooms, and ideas that inspire me:
(you can click on the image to see it larger and in more detail, or the links below to see the resource!)

1. Sweet P's Nursery - Pom Poms, 2. Sweet P's Nursery, 3. Sweet P's Nursery - Circles Detail, 4. Sweet P's Nursery - Book Baskets, 5. 2009_04_19_4693, 6. from the doorway, 7. cloth diapers, 8. Around the room : baby A, 9. above the changing table, 10. Baby Scale, 11. Looking down at long yellow shelf, 12. Above the crib

I love these photos, they make me happy!
I haven't really decided on a color theme yet. I want to keep it neutral, whether we have a girl and boy, or two of the same sex....I still want a somewhat neutral room.
Since the walls are already cream, and the floors a very light color too, it's going to work well. I am (or D is!) painting all the furniture we have for the room, white. We have an old dresser that belonged to his dad when he was growing up(and we plan to use this for our changing table and storage), a set of 4 lockers(that will be used as a "closet"), two white cribs, and a rocking chair. My thought is that having everything white, will allow me to use splashes of color throughout the room where I want, and hopefully made the room feel larger than it really is.
I love the pom poms in the photos above that hang from the ceiling (in fact, we made pom poms for Renee's shower, and they were so easy and cute!), I think that will be a simple decoration that will add some great color to the room, as well as some art work for the walls, I already have some amazing photos picked out (love the porcupine!) that I plan to use and hang in black frames, matted in white!
I have fabric to make some simple white curtains, probably with a bit of colorful pom pom trim.
I love the yellow, red and orange combo...which I may end up going with, but not completely sure yet! It's my favorite so far though, and probably a big part of what has drawn me to the photos above.
I know for sure that I do NOT want to use pink or blue. I don't want anything about the room to be traditional! I'm going to use lots of wire and wicker baskets (at least at first, until they start crawling around)and I have some old wooden crates that I will have in the room for things too...I love the look of the natural wood and wire on white.
I'm still working on picking out some colors for the quilts....I had some beautiful fabrics picked out earlier, and I still really like them, but I'm going to keep looking and see if I can find something I like more!
So, that's that! That's what I like, and the way I'm leaning towards decorating to room....I'm calling it a "classic, vintage, junk" style! Hehe!


  1. So happy for you guys, Hannah, and especially happy for Grandma! It is a very exciting time. Love your ideas. Keep us posted with the progress!

  2. Ack! I'm 2 posts behind!!! You're back to updated often again! LOVE the colors for the nursery and so so happy to hear of the strong heartbeats! Enjoy this fun planning time. I'm continuing to pray for you and the two joys in your belly. :)