21 weeks

21 weeks 4 days

  • I'm feeling "flutters"
  • I had a checkup this morning and the heartbeats still sound good.
  • the Dr. says that she's had mom's with twins going into labor at 21 weeks so I need to be extra careful to watch for signs of change. Thankfully, there have been none so far.
  • Dr. gave me exercises to do to help with my back pain that I've been having. Dustin needs to help me with them, but they should really help strengthen my muscles.
  • more companies need to make maternity clothes for TALL people. I'm not having problems with tops (yet) but geez....no one makes tall pants! (except GAP, thank you!)
  • really looking forward to a salad and breadsticks from the Olive Garden tonight, and a visit with a friend!
  • D comes home from Alabama tonight...late, but we'll be glad to have him home! Both Oakley, and I!
  • Oakley has been a big sweetie lately. The roads are too icy for me to feel comfortable walking on them, and the field where I usually walk has drifts that I just don't want to walk thru...so, the poor pup has not been getting much exercise...but, he has been so good about it.
  • I'm having fun thinking about the munchkins even more now than ever...now knowing we have a girl and a boy coming, it's so much fun!
  • We've been given some amazing things from some amazing people this past week for the babies! I just can't thank them enough! We have a couple double strollers, and a couple cribs already, and I'm just so thankful!
  • A couple books have been recommended to me on raising children, and I'm borrowing them from a friend with twins right now. They are Bible based, and I'm finding them interesting and helpful. Dustin is planning on reading them too...after our talk with our friends last weekend, and getting a small glimpse of how they are raising their twins, we both feel like these books will be helpful to us as new parents, at least as a good starting point.
  • and....unrelated to pregnancy....Christmas shopping is all done, just have to wrap a few gifts and head to Michigan! I can't wait to get up there next week!

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  1. Your belly is so stinkin cute! I am so excited for you. Michelle Roman and I just had Olive Garden soup, salad and breadsticks last night!
    I am guessing the books are from Dena and they are by John Rosemond...am I right? If I am, you will really enjoy him! At least I did. Any thoughts on homeschooling? Just checkin:) You don't need to answer that:) Keep us updated! I check your blog everyday during my morning cup of coffee.
    Jenn Dana