22 weeks

22 weeks 3 days

  • not sure why i didn't smile more in the picture...it's a very happy week!
  • also, remind me to iron my shirt next time, rather than throw in on right out of the dryer! I didn't notice the wrinkles until I was cropping the photo!
  • this has been a fun week!
  • saturday morning i took my rings off, my fingers were just the slightest big swollen when I woke up, it went down right away though. thankfully, no other swelling yet!
  • my belly button is stretching out
  • i still really love the burts bees belly balm that mom got me awhile back
  • i started feeling more and more "bubbles" in my tummy this week.
  • saturday night i felt the first big movement! only once, but it was definitely more than a bubble!
  • I don't NEED help getting off the couch, but it sure is nice when D is home and he DOES help me, and he does all the time....much easier!
  • monday night (last night), these kiddos were moving around a lot! it was so fun! i thought i could feel a movement with my hand, on the outside of my belly, so D came and sat with me on the couch for a bit to see if he could feel anything.....HE DID! YAY! I'm so excited to be able to share this with him now! He probably felt a half a dozen movements or so!
  • i really wanted some chocolate last night. we had NONE in the house...just baking cocoa...so, I had an orange instead...much healthier choice, but what I really wanted was some chocolate.
  • i'm headed to the store, for milk, and chocolate.
  • haha, no really....headed out to get ingredients for Christmas cinnamon rolls, and maybe a little chocolate......


  1. you look so great!!! and go for the chocolate- get a york- dark chocolate is better is for you- at least that's what i tell myself.... love you!

  2. You look great Hannah May! You deserve some chocolate after making a healthy choice like that orange. :)

  3. dark chocolate is a health food...really!

    My daughter in-law is 26 weeks and sends me a picture every week. It's so much fun to see her changing...she really popped a few weeks ago, looks like that happened to you this week.

    take care..;j

  4. 3 Muskateer bars were my downfall during my pregnancy! I would eat one almost everyday out of the vending machine outside our office. Hence the reason I gained 52 lbs for my pregnancy and no...I did not have twins:)

  5. I have waited so long to see you with a baby bump and I am LOVING it! You look so adorable!! I am happy that D was able to feel the kids too! I can just see the excitement on his face :) As far as the chocolate...no judgments here...go for it girl!
    Love you bunches!!