23 weeks

23 weeks 4 days
  • I'm feeling lots of movements these days! And not just little bubbles.
  • we had our 24 week checkup appointment today and the PA had a hard time finding the heartbeats because these two were moving around so much! all is well though, and both hearts are beating strong.
  • i've officially gained weight. 2 pounds.
  • i'm having fun feeling bigger kicks once in a while, it's surprising, and exciting at the same time!
  • still not a big fan of people touching my belly...i just find it weird that people want to....i think i'll be more open to it once i know they'll be able to feel a kick when they do. i don't know...maybe i'm weird....
  • i had the stomach flu last weekend. Christmas night. YUCK. thankfully it only lasted about 10 hours, and then I just needed lots of rest the next couple days. and i'm very thankful for a hubby and mom and dad that took great care of me while I was feeling ill, they made sure I got lots of fluids in me, and even made special trips to the store to get my favorites. (Nilla wafers, bananas, jello...you know, the essentials when you're sick!)
  • i finally feel back to myself today, which is nice, because I was really getting tired of sleeping so much!
  • still no cravings. pork does NOT sound good right now....but, that could be partly due the the fact that we had pork right before I got sick.....either way, I don't want any...but, nothing sounds really good either.
  • Davis and Lydia had a nice first Christmas...even if they couldn't actually open their gifts! They are being spoiled already! They each got a super cute outfit (thank you Grammy) and a couple books too (thank you Nanny) and some wooden toys and parenting books (thank you Audrey).
  • D and I had a wonderful Christmas too!
Love, Hannah

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  1. You just get cuter and cuter every week...and look, you are smiling :)
    Love you!!!