december daily :: day 3

I haven't forgotten....although the page isn't really "done" yet!

December is not only full of fun holiday activities, but it's full of family birthday's too! Dustin's birthday is today (the 4th)! And, my mom and dad both have birthday's coming up soon too!

So, yesterday, day three, was spent making D his favorite goodie, Apple Kuchen Pie, and of course cleaning up all of my creative messes around the house before he got home from a week of being away for work!

And, this is what I made him for his special day:

D had a pile of old Harley t-shirts that he didn't wear anymore, but they were all special to him in some way, so I made him a throw out of them! It is nice and long, and perfect to cuddle with!

I plan to print one of these photos and slip it in a page protector, along with a card on the back with my journaling for the day. It will be a simple page for my DD book, but simple is good!
It's always harder for me to work on projects like the December Daily when Dustin is, I will be catching up on day's three and four on Monday when he goes back to work!

note: we are now taking orders for our t-shirt throws through Pretty Stinkin Green, there will be a new post on that blog soon!

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