tis the season

today i am finishing up last minute things before packing all our bags for our trip to Michigan!
can't wait to get up there this year!
all the gifts are wrapped, and tagged, and about to hide away in tote bags for the trip North.
The poor tree is going to be so bare once I take the gifts away from it!
I'm excited about giving this year! Only one (maybe 2)gifts were bought new! The rest we made, or bought handmade or repurposed, which I think is so fun! Hopefully others do to!
I get a lot of comments on my gift wrapping every year...everyone laughs at me because i don't tuck the gifts inside a gift bag like most...but what I think is funny, is that i usually don't spend a dime on wrapping, i just use what i have and try and be creative!
the past couple years i've used kraft colored packing paper because we had BOXES of it from our moves that we'd saved. packing paper, and packing tape! it works! and they actually turn out pretty cute all under a tree together!
this year i was all out of packing paper, but had collected quite a few old sewing patterns to wrap up our pretty stinkin' green products, and the pattern instructions were unused and in a pile. the perfect thing to use this year!
they turned out so fun! even if they were only about 12"x16" and i had to use 3-4 per gift!
still, very fun! i had fun making the tags too....just some old packing tags i had, with a little scrap fabric sewn to the bottom, and stamps to add the names! probably my favorite tags yet!


today i am thankful to be done with everything on my list, except packing my bags!
i have still been working on my December Daily project, at least keeping the photos organized and ready to print, I just need to get them in the album...so, that's what i'm going to work on today! i'm so thankful that i haven't given up on this project yet! it's going to be a fun holiday to remember!


  1. What a great idea, Hannah. Love it! You inspire me.