24 weeks

24 weeks 2 days

Davis and Lydia are still growing and moving about!

  • I've actually seen my hand move on my tummy from a kick a couple of times now!
  • loving the little movements that are getting more and more frequent.
  • no more swelling yet. just that one time a couple weeks ago. yay!
  • grandpa and grandma halleck gave us a 100+ year old family high chair for the nursery last weekend! it's going to look so wonderful in the room! we love it! along with some of d's dad's old toys when he was little...so fun!
  • there was a ceiling leak in the nursery a couple months ago, and the landlord came to fix it on Saturday. they have the repairs done on the roof, and will be back soon to fix the ceiling and repaint it! can't wait for that to be done so we can move things back in the room!
  • my mom is coming to visit tomorrow! we will be making the rest (hopefully all of them) of the cloth diapers! they've been sitting in a box since Thanksgiving, and we're hoping to get most of them done! Lots of sewing, and snap setting in our future the next couple of days! i got everything out this afternoon to start the process!
  • d is in alabama this week, he left today after lunch. another long week for him down there working, and i'm going to miss him. i'm thankful mom is coming down to keep me company
  • new news just today, i'm going to start working a couple days a week at edward jones until the kiddos get here. just two days to help out with a few things in the office, and i'm looking forward to the hours. both for the extra money, and the little bit of socializing i'll get in over the next couple months! not to mention it will help pass time!
  • i had my one hour glucose test last week....hoping that i pass!
  • next week i have another appointment with the specialist in Dayton, it's time for the echos and another ultrasound!

Happy New Year!

Love, Hannah


  1. Oh how I would absolutely love to feel a baby move around inside of me again! I know the journey will seem long once you get near the end but please try to enjoy it! I wish that Glen and I could have another baby but it is not possible and I wish I would have known when I was carrying Evan that he would be my one and only. I would have treasured it more! You are the cutest stinkin' pregnant woman by the way:)
    Love Jenn
    ps-have fun with your mom!

  2. you are looking so great! thanks for the update, it is like you are still here. Michigan misses you :) Leah

  3. Mama-Mia!
    Have you ever thought of (this might sound weird)taking daily belly measurements? You are visually changing so quickly! Might make a fun journal page someday down the road.

  4. I agree with Jenn! You are the cutest stinkin' pregnant woman! Glad to hear you and the babes are doing well!