25 weeks

25 weeks | 5 days

I'm running a little late on my post this week...but for good reason. I have two doctors appointments today, and wanted to post the most recent updates!

  • Mom was here last week, we made diapers. LOTS of diapers. We didn't finish all of them, but we are close! I was so thankful to have her help, and her company. Thanks Mom!
  • Still not having a huge appetite. Guess I kinda expected to by now, but not worried that I don't. The doctors aren't concerned, so neither am I.
  • D and I are both reading a couple books right now. Neither of us are big on self-help books, and really don't care much to read many of them, but we have found a couple helpful. I am reading one about healthy sleep habits for twins...it's had a lot of great information in it so far that I think we'll find helpful in the near future!
  • still waiting for our landlord to fix the ceiling in the nursery. I'm anxious for this to get done so we can start setting things up in the room. I'm really ready for the room to be ready. we have everything we need for it, just need to be able to set it all up.
  • I'm feeling more and more kicking going on. i love that!
  • I had an appointment with my Doctor this morning at 8:30 am. Everything looks good.
  • Heartbeats today:: 154 and 148. GOOD!
  • My iron is low, even with taking a supplement everyday, so they have given me a prescription for a different iron supplement.
  • I'm told I need to drink more water too. I already drink A LOT. Dr says, "I'm sure you feel like you're swimming, but you need to swim a little more." So, off to fill my glass with more H2O.
  • I passed my 1 hour glucose test.
  • I finally took D's suggestion (and my mom's) and measured around my belly. I did this last Wednesday, and as of yesterday I hadn't grown any....but, I will post updates with how huge I get as the tape measure tells me.
  • I have two baby showers this weekend! I am SO excited for both of them, I will be seeing so many friends, and family that I haven't seen in a while...I can't wait to spend time with everyone! This is going to be a fun weekend!
  • D will be home within the hour, and we are headed to Dayton for my second appointment of the day. We will be seeing the specialist, having an U/S and echos.
  • I'm looking forward to sharing new pictures of our munchkins when we get home!

Love, Hannah


  1. You look radiant. See you all soon! xoxoxoxo

  2. I agree with mom, you look lovely! Congratulations again on your double blessings. I've enjoyed reliving my own pregnancies through the sharing of yours. Have fun at your showers!