26 weeks

26 weeks | 5 days

  • This is the real me! This is what I typically look like when D gets home from work...not dressed in jeans and a cute top like most of my photos!
  • What I wear all day everyday at home: swishy pants, pony tail, and t-shirt, and no makeup
  • what are swishy pants? sweat pants...but, I've called them swishy pants for a long time...just a thing...they don't have to make a swishy sound, they just have to be comfy! these GAP pants that I have on I've had for a couple years and I love them...I wear them all the time! They are especially comfy right now...I live in them.
  • I'm straight out of the shower...and you should feel special, I even combed my hair! Most days I don't even do that, hehe...I just let it dry after I towel it off....sad, huh! Even sadder, is that it's not the pregnancy....I've been like this for a long time!
  • The munchkins are moving around like crazy....I think they were kickboxing a couple nights ago! D and I both got a good laugh out of it! It's fun knowing who is where in my belly too...although, I know they may have flipped and moved around since my last appointment, but it's still fun to picture them where they were during the U/S.
  • The specialist told me last week that I needed to get more rest. So, now...on days that I don't work, I need to rest for two hours each morning and two hours each afternoon, lying down on my side. I already feel like I get a lot of rest...but, I assure you, I'm following the doctors orders. D and my mom are making sure of that.
  • I also need more protein. Guilty. Food still doesn't sound good....so, when I do eat, I need to make better choices. High protein being one of them. So, D and I picked up a huge bag of protein powder to add to my morning smoothies, and some protein bars to have as snacks throughout the day. My friend Donna is bringing me some recipes to make my own protein bars too. So, lots of people are helping me find ways to get the nutrients I need. Thank you all for that!
  • Davis and Lydia were each 1 pound 12 ounces, one week ago at my ultra sound. The doctor wanted them to be about 2 pounds each. So, they are a little small...which is why he's demanded more rest and protein for me.....and I'm listening. I want those babies to grow, grow, grow!
  • I have another ultrasound and checkup next week too. They want to check and see if they have gained any weight and how they are doing. I think from this point on I'll be having more ultrasounds, so it will be fun to check in on them more often and see what they are up to in there!
  • I had two wonderful baby showers last weekend! WONDERFUL!
  • I will share more about each of them soon...promise.

Love, Hannah


  1. You are so beautiful Hannah!!

  2. For those of you who do not know, I (Hannah's mom) have, since the very beginning, always had a special name for Hannah. To me she is forever "My Sunshine". Can you see why?

  3. Even in your swishy pants you are BEAUTIFUL!
    Love you!

  4. You are gorgeous! And I've always thought you SO looked like your Dad, but my oh my you look A LOT like your Mama in this picture! (in the face, not the belly!) :)

    Praying for some good growth and for your appetite!