29 weeks

29 weeks 3 days

  • I've been trying to count kicks this week, it's hard for me to tell who is who! Seems like most of the kicking is right in the middle of my belly.
  • My feet were a little swollen this week, once. Nothing a little rest and elevating couldn't take care of.
  • I washed another load of baby clothes, and I'm trying to pick out outfits to take the the hospital with me...it's so hard to choose!
  • I've made headway on my to-do list this week! Bathroom closets are clean, walls are dusted and ceiling fans are cleaned, curtains washed, and laundry room organized. It feels good to get some of that stuff out of the way.
  • D put one of our cribs together over the weekend! It makes the room feel more like a nursery, and that is pretty much the only thing in the room right now (waiting for a coat of paint on the ceiling before we can move everything in!)
  • Lots of naps for me this week so far...I've been pretty tired.
  • I started an online photography class last week, and I'm starting to learn some good stuff! I can't wait to practice taking lots and lots of photos of these two!

Love, Hannah

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