30 weeks

30 weeks

  • i think i'm finally running low on room in my belly....
  • things are getting tighter, and less comfortable!
  • I measured at 40 weeks at my last appointment, did I share that already? (40 weeks, full term, if I were only pregnant with one) crazy...still can't get over that.
  • lots of rolling around going on in my belly now, and I can quite often see things moving which is pretty cool.
  • the dresser is finished for the nursery, and full of nice clean baby clothes, and I think I've finally picked out their outfits to come home in.
  • hello, 2:30 a.m., the past few mornings....yuck.
  • Oakley still isn't sure what to think about all this stuff everywhere, moving from one room to the next....he's a pretty nervous pooch.
  • I'm still working 2 days a week, but I can see my days getting shorter in the near future...I'm exhausted after 8 hours of work, now. Thankfully they are super flexible with my schedule.
  • my "to-do" list is getting shorter! that makes me happy!
  • D's parents are coming down this weekend!
  • time for a nap.


  1. You look fantastic! I'm so glad you're feeling so well!

  2. You look great Hannah. So excited for you. :) I totally missed my baby belly after Ella was born. I think it was because I felt she was safer there. Now she's running all over the place and bossing me around. LOL. - Melinda

  3. You should know that FEW people look this fabulous when they're pregnant, let alone having twins!!!! :)