31 weeks

31 weeks 3 days

  • can you tell i'm tired in this photo? i just got home from a 2 hour doctor appointment and all i did was sit, but i'm exhausted!
  • the munchkins look great!
  • Davis weighs 3 pounds 14 ounces (gaining 10 ounces in the last two weeks)
  • Lydia now weighs 3 pounds 15 ounces (gaining almost a whole pound in two weeks)

  • the ultra sound pictures didn't turn out that great this week...they are getting harder to photograph, and it's not because the tech didn't try, she's awesome at trying to get the best photos possible!
  • so, i'm tired almost all the time now, and can't do much for more than a couple hours and i need to rest.
  • it's getting harder to move around, and i'm getting more uncomfortable.
  • still no swelling to speak of, so that is a blessing!
  • and, i'm sleeping thru the night still! once in a while i need to get up, but not often.
  • all in all things are going really well. and, i'm so thankful that I have lots of time for naps...that's where i'm headed now!


  1. I can see a lot more in Davis's pic than Lydia's. How exciting! So glad to hear you're doing so well and that the babies are growing like crazy! The end is in sight...take care! Miss you!

  2. Go ahead and nap...growing 2 babies is hard work! You are doing an awesome job at it. Keep up the good work! :)