just a quick little update.....

I had my 30 week appointment yesterday, which included an ultrasound (every appointment I have from here on out will include an ultrasound)....
Lydia is still Baby A, which basically means she's the lowest, and will be born first, at this point...
here she is....

cute little face huh!
hopefully you can make it out and see her face okay...
there is a little thing by her eye....that is Davis' toe.
Lydia is now weighing in at exactly 3 pounds! Great weight gain once again this week!

here is the little guy, Davis....

he was being difficult, again...and didn't want his picture taken.
this was the best we could do, getting his profile with who knows what in front of him, there is so much smooshed in such a small space!
Davis weighs 3 pounds 4 ounces now. He gained nearly a pound in 2 weeks!
he's got a cute little nose, huh!
Davis has flipped too. He was breech, but now he's head down, right next to Lydia.

and, here they are together....
just the top of their heads. best we could get!
but, Lydia (on the right) has her little arm around Davis. Or at least it looks that way!

So cute!

We can't wait to meet them!


  1. Hannah--precious photos!! I am so excited for you!!! Hugs and many, many blessings!!

  2. Oh my! These are such cute pictures of such precious little people!!