32 weeks

32 weeks, 3 days

  • I feel huge.
  • My belly is hard all the time.
  • These kiddos have been moving like crazy this past week.
  • They are so fun to watch, and poke back at once in a while.
  • My feet are starting to swell some, but only if I sit or stand for long periods with out elevating them.
  • I'm starting to gain more weight, which is good...I think I've gained a total of 11 pounds now. Not too bad, considering I have at least 8 pounds of baby inside me.
  • Dr. Kindig has decided that I don't need ultra sounds every week anymore. It's a good thing, because it means they are growing great and she sees no reason to measure them weekly, but I admit I'm somewhat bummed, it has been fun getting updates on them so often! (even though the photos aren't great anymore since they are so squished!)
  • So, during my U/S yesterday, they didn't measure them, just checked fluids and blood flow...everything looks great still, and they are getting the nutrition they need.
  • I still have appointments every week, which include a NST (non stress test) each time.
  • Dr. Kindig also mentioned the she saw no reason why I would have the babies early. She thinks I could make it to 38 weeks easily. So, that's good news for the babies!
  • I have 4 meals ready and in the freezer, and plan to make at least a couple more next week. (mom is coming down for a couple days to help!). Usually during the summer we just grill some meat and eat garden veggies, and we plan to do that mostly this year too, even though I won't have my own garden, my neighbor has already offered hers to me and said I could pick anything I want whenever I want....so, most of our meals will be simple like that...but, I do want to have some back up meals in the freezer for yucky days, or days when bbq just doesn't sound good.
  • I plan to cook up a bunch of burger, and freeze it, as well as a bunch of chicken and freeze it already cooked, too. That should help with quick throw together meals.
  • I also made 9 "cookie logs" for the freezer (cookie dough shaped into a log so all you have to do is slice and bake). I made an oatmeal cookie, and a lemon sugar cookie. I am hoping to make a couple more kinds as well. These will make easy goodies for D when I don't feel like baking in the future!
  • The nursery ceiling is primed, and just needs a coat of paint. D is going to do that this week, and then it will be time to move things in! I can't wait for that!
  • I've still been working on my little to-do list and it's getting shorter.
  • I am still working two days a week at EJ. I think in the very near future my days will become half days. An 8 hour day is doable for me, but my back and feet start to bother me around lunch, and I just get uncomfortable, so I'm going to start shortening my days when I need to. They are so flexible with my hours, which makes it so nice!
  • D and I are making a big shopping trip this weekend to stock up on some things, you know those big trips to Sam's when you fill the cart? We need one of those trips, it's been a long time, and we're going to try and get everything we will need for the next few months so we won't have to think about it later. My list is growing and growing.
  • My toes are starting to look like sausages, so it's time to go put my feet up for a bit.
Love, Hannah

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