33 weeks

33 weeks 4 days

  • D was in Alabama all week this week, his last trip down there until after the munchkins show their faces!
  • My mom and dad came down to keep me company while he was away. It was so nice to have them around, I miss them.
  • Dad brought a truck load of totes from a friend of mine, all full of little girl clothing! Needless to say, Lydia is all set for clothes until she's a year old! Thank you Tonia! And, lucky for Davis, Tonia's kiddos had some cute camo and denim clothing that will look great on him too. YAY!
  • My appointment went well on Tuesday. Not much new to report. We are all still doing well, and they are moving around all the time, putting lots of bumps on my belly.
  • The length of time I can be up and moving around is getting shorter and shorter. I just get tired pretty fast now. In fact, mom and I went to an antique store yesterday, and she pushed me around in a wheel chair half the time to keep me off my feet! What a mom, huh! Gotta love that.
Love, Hannah

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