34 weeks

34 weeks 3 days

  • surprising myself today, that I'm actually posting a picture of my belly uncovered. guess i got tired of trying to get a good shot.
  • i think my belly "dropped" this weekend. I can definitely tell a difference, things are much lower than they were Friday.
  • it's been a couple weeks since i've had my hair down, and not in a pony tail.....lazy?
  • d's family (grandma, grandpa, aunt bev and steve) all came down for a visit on Sunday!
  • d's co-workers thew a surprise party for us at his work yesterday. they had two huge cakes (awesome, by the way) and gave him a really nice card and a gift card to babies r us, which will come in really handy in the near future. He works with some really great people
  • I'm getting more and more tired, and doing less and less each day. I'm actually hoping to FINISH a load of laundry today. ha.
  • i'm working more in the nursery, and have plans to show you some pictures of it soon...
  • and, yes...i'll still work on a post about the cloth diapers...
  • i'm sick of water...yet, i think i should probably be drinking even more than i am...ugh.
  • the daffodils are just barely starting to come up in the back yard....spring!
  • d made his last trip to Alabama for a while last week! no more trips before the kiddos get here! i'm so thankful for that.
  • hoping i can maybe gather up enough energy to work on the baby albums this week? we'll see, i'd really like to have them started soon...
  • better get something done before i need a nap....

love, hannah

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  1. Ah sweet girl! Hair up or down - you're beautiful! So fun to see the progression. How are you going to keep up the blog after the kids are born. ;o)
    Excited for you!