36 weeks

36 weeks 4 days

  • my belly is big, and I can't pinch any extra skin it's so tight now. they've got to be running out of room!
  • my feet are pretty much puffy all the time now, not bad at all...but, not normal.
  • i woke up Saturday with stretch marks. bummer...I was doing SO good to make it this long
  • last Thursday I had a doctor appointment, and I'm still dilated 1cm and 65%.
  • there is really not that much else to report! I sleep all the time right now. Last week I felt great and I kept pretty busy around the house, and had a lot more energy. This week...total lazy bum! After about an hour of doing anything (including sitting at the computer!) I'm pooped and ready for a nap...SO, I'm taking lots and lots of naps. Luckily, Oakley keeps me company....he likes naps, and he likes to cuddle...and who doesn't love to cuddle with a hundred pound puppy?
  • Not bothering with making the bed....as you can see...it's the best place for a nap, and when I'm in and out of it about 5 times a day.....why bother!
  • Both kiddos are still moving around a lot, they keep busy in there, that's for sure, my belly is moving around all the time.
  • I've been slowing plugging away at my pregnancy journal, transferring all of my blog posts into writing. It's taking some time, but I'm getting close to finishing it. I'm pleased with the results too!
  • my next appointment is on Friday morning. Only a couple more days....and I'm ready to see if my body is making any progress...i'm definetly ready to be done, so i'm really hoping they have some good news for me! although, i know it's great news that they are still growing....I'm just feeling like it's time to be done! selfish, i know!
  • And, I'm really hoping this is the last picture I have to post of my belly....Ha! I'm kinda doubting I'll get that lucky though!

time for our nap.....
love, Hannah


  1. Love, love, love! Love it all. Love to you.

  2. Hang in there!! Hopefully in not too much longer you'll have two more lucky little cuddle buddies to nap with!! :) Keeping you all in prayer!

  3. so glad to see you're doing well and the babes are coming soon. It's been fun to join you on your baby journey! Good luck to you in the coming days or weeks, whichever happens first!

  4. You still look great Hannah! Can't wait to meet Davis and Lydia!