Davis and Lydia :: Nursery

This little nursery is about 8'x10', which gets crowded pretty fast when you fill it with two cribs, but even though it didn't turn out how I had it pictured in my head for the past 6 months, I love it just the same.
Our changing table is an old dresser that came from D's family. It was his dad's when he was little. The little green table next to the dresser is an old typewriter cart that I've had around for a couple years now, it's been used for lots of things so far, but now we are using it for extra table space to hold our diapers and wipes and such. The big basket to the left of the dresser is FULL of blankets and quilts...most handmande gifts from the baby showers!
Both cribs were given to us to use, how blessed are we? Both were white when we got them, which was perfect! And, there is lots of room under each crib to store a few extra things, like bouncy seats and swings, and a basket of extra clothes!
The mobiles on the crib were handmade! Jenny made those for the kids, and they are just so perfect! They are rain clouds with raindrops hanging down from them!
Nanny (grandma H), made the beautiful quilts that are hanging from the cribs...They couldn't be more perfect!
The lockers were something D brought home from work one day, knowing that I'd been looking for something like that to use as a closet! They had been sitting empty for a long time, and they just let him bring them home! So, those didn't cost a dime, just a little TLC and a lot of spray paint to get them nice and white!
The window above the crib came out of an old barn (from a family friend). I had new glass put in it about 8 years ago. It's back now, and hanging here, with a little garland and some simple monograms hanging inside! I think I'm going to put an "&" in the middle window eventually.
They do a great job holding hanging clothes, and we also added shelves to two of the lockers so we could easily stack extra things inside. One locker holds all of our receiving blankets, bibs, burp cloths, and extra sheets and changing pads. Another is practically empty, because I know I'll need space for something I'm not thinking of soon enough! The other two have rods in them and we have some of the cute little outfits hanging inside. They each have their own locker for now with clothes. Every thing else is in the dresser, or in totes stored upstairs for now.
The bench on the far right came from my Grammy and Papa's house at the lake when the moved. Grammy used to keep it in her bedroom and it always had the extra blankets they used for naps folded neatly and sitting on top, along with a couple dolls I remember her always having in her room. It doesn't look like much, but it's special to me.
We are using it for a place to sit to get the kiddos ready to leave the house....or a place to drop things when we walk in the door (since the door to outside is just outside the nursery door). The baskets under the bench are full of hats and little shoes and booties, and mittens.
Still trying to think of something to put on the wall above the bench? It just seems bare in there right now. I'll probably frame a few pictures of the kiddos and hang them there, not for sure yet though.
That's the short and sweet little tour! The room is ready for them! Although, they will be staying in a bassinet near our bedroom for the first little while, since this room is quite far from our bedroom. But, just the same, it's ready for them when we're ready!


  1. The nursery looks adorable and cozy and inviting! They will love their little space. And...what about hanging a map in that blank space above your Grammy's bench? Just an idea...something big, interesting and affordable! xo

  2. It looks great Hannah May! How special to have something from your grandma's house with such memories in their nursery!

  3. Just Beautiful!

  4. I think it turned out perfect! Can't wait to see it in person :) Love you!

  5. Hannah, you did a great job on the nursery! It will be perfect for them. Love Ashley

  6. Ah, I LOVE it! The smaller room is just perfect...you'll spend more time snuggling with them on the couch then you will in their cribs!

    You have a beautiful eye for style!

    Can't wait for the big day!