Hi All! Jenn here, filling in for the new, very tired and very busy mama. Hannah has asked me to share the good news of their little ones who have recently made their way into the world, and I gladly accepted! In fact, I consider it an honor to be able to share the announcement of their arrival with you!

Of course, I will leave most of the details of their birth story for Hannah to share with you if and when she wants. I will tell you that I received a very exciting phone call Tuesday morning, one that I had been waiting  nearly 9 months for. I also may have deafened the caller slightly with my loud and excited squeal of delight! (Sorry Hannah). After her Tuesday morning doctors appointment they had decided they wanted her to come back in Tuesday evening to get things was finally time!! It ended up being a long, slow process which resulted in the decision the following morning for the babies to be born via c-section.

Soon after at 10:03a.m. on April 6, 2011 Miss Lydia May made her entrance into the world! 
She weighed in at 6lbs, 1oz and 19in long. 

A few minutes later, at 10:07 a.m., came her darling brother, Davis Robert. 
He was 5lbs, 14oz. and also 19in long! 
 The Lord had heard our prayers and these two tiny precious babes were perfect in every way!

Today they are one week old and doing well. In fact, I talked to mama this morning. They had their first doctors appointment yesterday and both are doing great! Mommy and Daddy are very tired, but who wouldn't be with two newborns?? They are all adjusting to their new surroundings and enjoying their time getting to know each other. 

I had the privilege of visiting them at their home when they were 3 days old and let me tell you, the love and joy these proud parents feel is very evident! They are truly in love with their little munchkins. Hannah has asked me to extend their gratitude to all of you; parents, friends, and church family for your love, prayers, and support. They also appreciate all the help that you have given them during this exciting time! Your presence in their lives has been a true blessing.

So, as I sign off, I would just like to say Congratulations Mommy and Daddy Halleck and a big 
'Welcome to the world Lydia & Davis!' We are so happy to finally meet you.
You are more loved than you will ever know!!


  1. Thanks for the update Jenn! I've been waiting for one!

    Hannah, your munchkins are ADORABLE! So happy to hear everyone is healthy and doing well. I'll call soon. :)

    All my love,

  2. Beautiful post Jenn. The babies are both so adorable. Love you all. deb

  3. Beautiful angels. Love the pics. Glad to hear everyone is doing well. Contratulations!