d & l :: 2 weeks

well, we are all doing great!
i'm so thankful that jenn was able to update you all last week for me, I just wasn't up for it yet, just a tad bit sleep deprived! ha!
but, thanks to both of our WONDERFUL parents, I'm caught up, for the time being anyway!
I feel great.
These photos are from last week. We were headed out for the first time to our one week doctor appointments. Every one was doing wonderful. l and little d both lost a little more weight, but let me tell you, they are gaining it back this week...they are looking good!

they sure are precious little punkins.
we are loving them to pieces, and enjoying every moment with them....even those moments in the middle of the night!

Little D doesn't like his photo taken much....seems like every photo I take he looks like he's about to burst out in tears....and he rarely cries. and L well, she sleeps all the time, so it's hard to catch her with her eyes open! But, when I do, they are OH SO CUTE!
Both kiddos look like BigD. Though, L looks a lot like me in my baby pictures. They both have their dad's eyes though.
Its so fun watching them change little by little every day.

Thank you so much for your prayers and thoughts, they mean more than words can say.

Love and Hugs,

Big D, Hannah
Little D and L


  1. So sweet! I love them to pieces already and can't wait to get some cuddle time with them!!!

  2. Absolutely AMAZING Hannah! Two perfect little babies. I am so happy for you and dustin! Please keep the pics coming!!!